market will down just as Pejman Hamidi said

Discussion in 'Trading' started by steet010203, Jan 1, 2002.

  1. do you read Pejman Hamidi great post, i have read it,

    thank you, Pejman Hamidi, you hold my short now
  2. by the way, everyone, you must read Pejman Hamidi's seventeen page's analysis.
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    steet010203, get a grip on yourself, lad :D On the off chance that you're not tradeRX and the forced attempt at poor English is genuine, what is your mother tongue?
  4. and i long qqq jan 03 50 put.

    how about you
  5. i think protrader is ok,

    add a little fun here
  6. make money,

    this may be my last post in Jan 2002

    if market get a short term bottom. i will post again.

    good luck everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    MMM good luck with your interesting to see what happens if we pop the other side of that little white line

  8. Ya your about 2 weeks to late from his short idea...........i think he went net long & then maybe he is neutral to long or something........who knows or cares at this point.........freaken holiday season is just ended.....

    actually ...he said...

    12-31-01 03:47 PM


    I see the bear flags all over the place as well. To me, it appeared the action over the past few sessions has been a potential trap to the downside.

    I remain neutral here and more engaged in forex
  9. Of couse it is a bit too late to say that but I have been bullish since the beginning of october and for me the current trend remains bullish. Of course the current trend may reverse and become bearish but who cares, as long as the trend is your friend.

    When in at the end of september I said that the market was about to recover since all the technical indicators were pointing in that direction nobody in my trading flloor belived me but it is always in those situation where you have to trust yourself and be really independant in your position.

    As regards Hamidi analysis thanks for the effort, but that's too long, and I don't belive in fudamentals. like Ed seykota
  10. I thing they are "funny mentals"...
    You could say everything and it's contrary without a doubt.

    But when there is a strong reversal of the markets you will find all the fundamentalists proved wrong, since it is when everyone is in the same direction that the best reversals occur.
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