Market will close green today

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  1. Great time to buy. No one cares about the bear sterns. Not a big deal at all. Still in 6 year bull market. Dow will end day up 100+ points. Buy MOS POT AMZN AAPL BIDU
  2. :D
  3. Man I hope so, I'd love to get some more shorts out.
  4. It takes a lot of guts to make such a prediction.... even though I will go short whenever there is a rebounce of ER2 to 670 level. I am bearish for today.
  5. PPT
  6. Stock first off it is Bear Stearns, second there is no way in hell the mkt closes higher today, this you stil want to say there are no credit problems out there? fourth, you are an idiot, why do you bother to post anything that makes you look unbelievably stupid?
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    Dont know where it'll close, but Its a Bear market. Dont fall in love with the upside.
  8. Hey stock is your proxy of the mkt (the dow?) still going to be up 800 this week?
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    ...if I may quote some of his gem posts:

    Oil to 200, Gold to 1500, dow up to 15k, no inflation, no one cares if Bear Stearns collapses, there is no credit crunch...

    Truth is, he's f'in with people on this board, and we just like to feed the troll once in a while :) The reason I say that is I can't believe that someone can actually be THAT stupid
  10. Frank, although I appreciate your comments I think you miss theh point. The drones who start these threads are just market fodder and they just sit around and trade their 10 lots and toss stuff at the wall to see what sticks till they dont have enough to trade 10 share lots anymore.

    Your injections of reality are spot on IMHO but the majority of ET posters dont care and dont know enough to care.
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