Market very weak to the close?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by sammybea, Feb 6, 2003.

  1. sammybea


    have a feeling we are going to test lows here.. just a feeling though. Nothing to back it up... Anyone have solid TA to back it up?
  2. TGregg


    Uh oh. I just reconnected to everything because that's what I thought - we'd tank at close.

    Now I'm not so sure, if lots of people think that, we could do the tank thing, then bounce up.
  3. sammybea


    yeah got a swing short position in the ES minis.. holding for a test of the lows today. Either way, have to cover before 4:15
  4. acrary


    I hope you're wrong. I've got 6 separate long positions going into the close. Somebody quick, enter 3 2000 lot buy contracts on the emini. I promise I won't sell at 940.
  5. sammybea


    I can cover my 4 contracts just for a fellow et member.. hope that helps to the cause.

  6. acrary


    Every little bit if we can get 14,000 ET members to do the same.:D
  7. sammybea


    here we go.. hopefully :)
  8. TGregg


    Remeber to put in a GTC buy at close-40 points on ES after the close, in case some idiot dumps 6k contracts. :D
  9. sammybea


    350?!!!!! can i borrow some money??

    QUOTE]Quote from acrary:

    That last down move got my seventh system to go long at 836.75.

    I haven't had all seven long in two years. Don't feel great to be carrying 350 emini's into the close. I may have to re-evaluate my total risk sizing strategy.
  10. omcate


    Tomorrow's headlines on the Wall Street Journal will be:

    SEC launches a formal investigation on ET in connection with the controversial trading of 56,000 contracts of S & P E-mini within the last two hours of regular trading session on February 6, 2003 ................

    :p :p :p
    :D :D :D
    #10     Feb 6, 2003