Market up strong tomorrow led by Apple

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  1. Just a gut feeling. I've been wrong before. :cool:
  2. Indeed. ;)
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    Apple will get one of those unexpected $20+ day rallies sooner than later, but the trend is still down until probably some positive news on holiday sales comes out, thats of course if people are still lining up to buy iphones and ipads!
  4. looks good for next week. 1 day off isn't bad
  5. Too bad you weren't on the other side. Wouldn't expect any more from you though.
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    Yep and there it is....the unexpected $20+ day rally.

    Once apple gains momentum it usually does rally for days, who knows if this is just a one day event or something that will last all week. I still think it gets back to $600+ by the end of the year....would sell at that point and wait for the next $100+ drop to get long again!
  7. You're taking credit for an open-ended prediction? Now why does this forum suck?
  8. Maybe I was and maybe my option expired Friday. Maybe they call me diaoptions. :)
  9. He reminds me of a media pundit. I've seen the guy bitch and moan about rallies in the market and then imply that he was long the whole way up. When the market declines, he's been short the whole way down.

    The guy is a wind up doll.
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    Tsing Tao

    He was the very first person I put on my ignore list, years ago.
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