Market Under Dstribution....

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    wow, safehaven is almost never bearish

    this is serious!
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    Another article from perma-bear. If you call for drop every day eventually you will be right :)
  3. They are always bearish ....... and have always been
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    I see also, that David Icke says there's a conspiracy

  5. I'm not nervous yet... but here's a little more brush for the fire...
    Lets first remember that the Smart money; i.e. the big Commercial traders in the NASDAQ Futures - Commitment of Traders [COT] report had recently posted the largest net-long position overweight since the 4th quarter 2004. These big commercial players are rarely wrong and they were right on the money again. Of note: Be aware that the Commercial traders have now slipped into the NET SHORT category on all three stock index future markets suggesting an interim top may be approaching...... ~ stoney
  6. 100% up room to go with ZERO RISK...

    just buy dips!!
  7. I'm still in long mode, but I did take some profits today.
  8. Please for the love of God, could you stop echoing yourself over and over and over again. I'm long over a few positions myself, but you're just irritating man....

  9. Yeah, come on EqtTrdr everyone knows there is really only 99.999999999% up room to go.:D
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