market tv shows suck

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Gordon Gekko, Aug 9, 2003.

  1. i can't stand every market show i see. i don't even watch them much, but when i do, they are so annoying.

    don't ask me why, but i just watched a part of neil cavuto's show this morning (btw, i know more about the markets than neil cavuto). one of the headlines was, "NO SADDAM = NO BULL MARKET?" what a joke. yeah, as if capturing him or not determines if we have a bull market. how pathetic of cavuto to even have that put into question on his show. one fool actually said if we get saddam, the market will go up and keep going up. jim rodgers said it would go up for a short time and go back down, WHICH IS THE TRUTH.

    before that, jim rodgers was arguing with that annoying crybaby, greg hymowitz. hymowitz was like, "buy reebok." rodgers was like, "no don't, because the markets are going down, reebok won't go up if the markets are going down." hymowitz was like, "yes it will." THEN RODGERS CHANGED THE QUESTION, BUT HIS POINT WAS THE SAME, AND HYMOWITZ ANSWERED DIFFERENTLY. rodgers then said like, "so if the dow goes down 1000 points, reebok will go up?" hymowitz replied like, "no it will go down." uh, ok, greg. what a fool.

    i must say, though, i hope people keep watching these stupid shows, cuz i'm gonna take their money.

    p. s. ben stein is a dick.
  2. Greg Hymowitz makes me sick actually...I can picture him way back at sandbox getting pounding and crying.

    Some of the others on Fox are not bad, Gary B. Smith is quite good, although time constraints do not let him relate much about trading. Hardly anyone on the show is allowed to finish a sentence before someone else interupts.

    The Fox shows are pretty much entertainment, nothing more IMHO. Most of the guests are there to promote their book or somehow aspire to get a real job.
  3. one of these days, i just know greg hymowitz is gonna cry on tv when someone bashes his stock pick. lol

    as for gary b. smith, i totally agree. he is definitely one of the best on tv. jim rodgers isn't bad sometimes, either.
  4. I actually kinda enjoy watching market shows. Obviously not because I plan to get any investment advice from them -- no shit! -- but to me it's just fun listening to people talk about the markets.

    Cavuto's show is pretty good, one of my favorites. Jim Rodgers has definitely proven himself as someone worth listening to, but you need to realize that with him is ultra-fundie and his timing can be way off, so it's really the kind of advice you could act (not that you'd be looking to act on someone's advice anyway.)

    What I really wish these shows would do more is to review past prognostications more often. Kinda like a "Where Are They Now?" of stock picks or general market condition assessments.
    Sometimes you see them do it, but the compare often lets them off the hook by allowing to "explain away" their pick.

    PS - you know when I really hate listening to those shows? When my trades are going crap! Then they really can bug me!
  5. The only thing these shows intend to do is lead the cows to the slaughterhouse...