Market Top?!

Discussion in 'Trading' started by BudFoxx, Apr 21, 2006.

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    S&P hit my target of 1316-1320 and failed to close above this week.. next week will be interesting.

    Based on the charts below, overly bullish sentiments, rising interest rates (10yr +5.0), and Crude Oil +70 I am thinking this could be possible top..

    view the charts yourself and come of with your own analysis...

    also, i don't believe in only using charts for my trading decisions.. this is just a piece of my analysis and models.
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    QQQQ chart
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  4. I am bearish long term on the market, but don't know when it will happen. These things can be very drawn out.

    You think the decline is about to happen? Why now and not a few months from now?

    How far down will it go? Why?
  5. bearish on the DIA at this point i admit it, but 5 year highs who can blame me?

    still bull bull bullish on commodities

    ever so bearish on real estate.
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    Possibly nailed market top.. target for sp 1260 then 1229.
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    GRILLED BEAR meat on the menu for lunch today I think.....

    oh yeah.
  9. I have a problem with that statement.

    Of course there will be a correction, people have to trade the stocks for cash at some point or they're just paper.

    The market is DESIGNED to go higher long-term. That's why the indicies start at 0 and go up. Can the S&P go below 0?

    I know it sounds rediculous, but I wish people would look at this debate logically, it's all about ebb-and-flow with a long-term bias up.

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    Looks like a bull trap. .. depends on how we close the week.
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