market too wild for me

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  1. Lost some money in the large swings . i am going to stay out till the end of year. 15 min retrace bar 100+ pips. To trade this market you need 200+ pip stops . You can make alot of money buying at the right retracement but swings are too wild for me before i blow my ac . Taking a vacation . what it like for other smaller traders?
  2. Personally I feel this is a once in a lifetime trading opportunity. Conditions are still respecting S & R. Yes stops have to be greater but the wins are enormous.
  3. Just scale down in lot size a little.

    It's a traders market for sure. Lots of swings throughout every day.

    200 pip stops trading off of a 15 min chart doesn't make sense to me?

    You should be able to get away with 30-50 stops on that time frame.
  4. That's what I have started doing: increased risk/reward from 10/20 to 20/40 but reduced size by half.
  5. I'm a vol junkie, love that market.
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    Once in a life time opportunities here, gotta make hay while this sun shines... and I am looking to retire on this action...totally spoilt with this volatility...when we go back to 5 pt range slow days i am quitting for good.
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    Trading this market is like going to a prostitute:

    they generally are a "sure thing" but you can get ripped off if not careful.

    In this market you shouldn't try to swing trade it but scalp it. It moves too fast and is directionless for the most part. If you want find good trades, tho, watch the S&P vs. AUD or JPY. If you chart them, they look rather similar.
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    You need to be properly capitalized to scale into multiple units or you will get blown out of the water.

    At least you are able to prenegotiate the terms with a GDP!
    Mister market can be tricky@ times.

    el surdo