Market to get slammed by retail sales figures

Discussion in 'Trading' started by MrDODGE, Nov 13, 2007.

  1. Watch your positions going into tomorrow. The euphoric ride today will be short lived. I fully expect horrid retail sales numbers tomorrow morning before open. If the market sees bad numbers expect to lose everything you gained today.

    Be on the right side.... :D
  2. bgp


    we shall see . :confused:
  3. lmao. Retail sales = zero impact. Nothing is more amusing then watching someone talk their book [short] after a 40-handle SPX rally.
  4. Thanks. Now I feel a whole lot better about being long into tomorrow morning.
  5. Keep telling yourself that, this market is looking for any reason to sell.
  6. bgp


    i have a million reason's to sell. :mad:

  7. Who cares about retail sales in October... October is a dea month in retail sales so unless it is truly horrible no one will care. DEC matters more, SEP for back to school, but OCT is a dea month.
  8. PPI and CPI will be more important for the next 2 days IMO, as it will dictate the FEDs ability to cut further. How they are going to hide the $10 run in crude during Oct I am not sure but the expects are a little tame.

    Higher prints will make it hard for Uncle Cracker to cut again soon, which may cause a little give back of todays gains.
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    wal-mart had some good news today, retail sales could be better than the consensus. 5:30 comes awfully early in California however, not likely I will be at the terminal when the news hits....
  10. unless walmart was taking business away from competitors with their new pricing scheme
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