Market to Crash: Bush Will Back Greenspan for Another Fed Term

Discussion in 'Economics' started by DisciplinedHedg, Apr 22, 2003.

  1. That was my first thought, LOL...

    There's gotta be someone better suited for this job...

  2. better suited ? like who ? The greenspan bashing has gone too far.
  3. Bush is no idiot..even though the Greenspan/Bush fued goes back to GW senior, he knows what the mkt wants to hear.
  4. prox


    Most people consider Greenspan to be the best Fed chairman to date.
  5. regough


    That may very well be true but. . . . .

    isn't the guy 77 years old ?

    I mean give a it a rest.
  6. prox


    Waiting on the day when he croaks live on CNBC at a fed meeting.
  7. Ok, thats a little morbid!

    But it is fun to see all those governmenites nod off in the background during his speeches.

    The last time had me a little worried - I could swear that lady was gonna get a whiplash sooner or later...
  8. gnome


    Greenspan will go down in history as having done more harm to the US than Saddam did to Iraq!
  9. I don't blame greenspan for causing the bubble, I don't think he did.

    I DO blame him for not popping it sooner before it went totally insane. If he had done that we would be out of recession by now. I give him good marks for his entire tenure, but a C for the past 4 yrs. He's probably just getting old.
  10. Mecro


    Everytime Greenspan goes on TV, he talks a bunch of nonsense. You can see ppl falling asleep in the background.

    I think that is a sign enough that he has got to go.
    #10     Apr 22, 2003