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  1. If you could time the market very well and only trade options in the expiration week, then Bill gates would feel uncomfourtable. Then we have a very good risk/reward so that we can afford some bad market predictions.

    But how do we time the market so precisely? Maybe a stupid question to ask in here? All good traders are in Hawaii or in Mexico eating tacos anyway :)

    And if one knew he/she would not tell anybody who wants to know. Of course there are perhaps a couple of friendly veterans who enjoy helping.

    I know there is a rule for timing out there just waiting to be found. Damn! Stop hiding!

    Can it be Fib combined with ewt? Cycles? Volatility forecasts? Tick statistics?

    If you know the truth, please tell me. I will be nice over christmas.

  2. Cycles and trendlines . That's all.
  3. Intraday cycles?

    How can we know when a trendline break will cause a big move and not a cross again? Volume? Divergence? Maybe cycles confirmation?
  4. All above . You have to forget about being able to pick just a big move out of many moves happening all day, but you can eliminate losing trades below 20%. It is a lot of work initially but it is a only way IMO .
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    '' Only trade options in expiration week'';
    market makers profit then & they trade December also.

    Another key would actually having a desire to research a trading plan for that week.


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