Market Timing - Did Cramer really call 1987 Crash?

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  1. I was watching him (self abuse) and he was stating that he called 1987 and 2001 dot com crashes, "two for two" he coined it...He is bearish so he wants 3 for 3 guess...
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  3. Obviously he missed 2008 crash...
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    Was that before or after his wire fraud conviction and permanent ban from the securities industry?
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    Geezus, Cramer was peddling Bear Stearns and Lehman Brothers practically right up to the day they went up in smoke. Then what does he do? He completely freaks out and starts whining that Bernanke is sleep at the wheel. That dude is a master douchebag. End of the story.

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    Do you have any footage of that? I cannot find it.
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  7. I called Cramer out on something years ago... he suggested that I "take a pill". :D
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    Agreed.. Annoying MF
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  9. %%
    HE did+ also said ''BAC goes to $60 in a heartbeat\LOL''
    I like him, better than average hedge fund manager . Good thing for me i never bought a single stock because he promoted it:D:D
    He said one day he went out for bagel break\ + when he came back his wife had sold all his stocks without asking himLOL:D:D. Wife is a better trader than him, he admits.
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