Market Surfer, what were the Matador Funds return in May?

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  1. I heard Vic was down around 30% in may 06, is this true?
  2. Surf?
  3. Ok, I got it now Niederhoffer lost 28.57% in May. My guess is it is much worse this month, unless he went on vacation. Ouch.:eek:
  4. Where did you get this info?

    Sounds like he is blowing up again. Even if he doesn't lose 100%, why stay in business when you have a high water mark and have to make 40% before you get your performance fees?
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    When you guys post numbers, can you please post your source? Thanks.
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    Here is an article about Victor, I got the URL from his website.

    This is older stuff, but it is mentioned that the Matador fund had big DDs previously: (performance chart on page 6)

    1. 2002 July: 30%

    2. 2005 Apr: 15%

    3. 2005 Oct: 15%
  7. I was hoping marketsurfer would be my source, but he seems to be avoiding his feelings on this issue. My source is
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    Where on that site is his performance listed? Didnt see it anywhere?
  9. Perhaps he is busy penning his next literary achievement:

    Barefoot Trader Delusion Shattered
  10. I used to see his performance thru the Barclay's Managed Funds Report. If you notice, they have a link to that on the site. Essentially, a subscription service.
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