Market @ support

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  1. Anyone buying?

  2. Maybe AAPL next week, if 600 holds.
  3. Buy gold and coal miners. Forget about AAPL
  4. Why coal miners? Natty at decade lows, Coal demand has to be on the decline yoy and only continuing.
  5. I have some Bullish Vertical Spreads in AUY. Not doing too good so far, but they announce earnings May 1st.
    Need a nice move up to the 17-20 area by July 20th. We'll see what happens.
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  6. market at support again. anyone buying?
  7. Yesterday and Today:
    Opened New Bull Spreads for M, CROX, ISRG, SBUX & SHFL
  8. This alias of emg's and emg are such fucking losers. Apple has a perfect balance sheet, and, yes, I own it long term.
  9. Dow sitting on support again in an uptrend. Interesting.

    Anyone going to buy on Monday?
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