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  1. The equity rally gets closer.

    TSX weekly and monthly chart showing possible descending wedge; this is a serious warning.

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  3. Don't listen to unbalanced trolls in denial. Guys who ride bicycles are unstable, they only have two wheels.

    Buy TSX based on my models and repeated to death in my blog.
    Descending wedges should not be ignored, the ones I picked out were followed by market rallys.

    TSX bs target of 13,000 will not be denied.
  4. As mentioned for some time – TSX monthly has been tracking
    sideways this year. This extensive distribution signified a bullish
    big picture and that a significant uptrend would follow.
  5. Long overdue TSX market rally appears to be imminent; bears should exercise extreme caution.

    Please consult my boring and repetitive blog to see how specially selected descending wedges lead to market rallies.

    Remember, ignore emotional trolls who criticize my analysis.

    ps I will be referring to this long call ( or any other I issue in this thread ) in the future. I guarantee you that at some point in the future, one of these long calls will be profitable.

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  6. Real time call : Buy TSX Index at 11660.
  7. Yes. Keep waiting, it's coming soon.
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    My account ain't laughing though:eek:
  9. From this thread ...
    Real time call : Buy TSX Index at 11660.
    Get the picture ?
  10. Equity buying strength returns, threatening summer sell off.
    TSX last 12,080.

    Return 3.6%
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