Market still down? Gloomy childs misc temper tantrum

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  1. Your country has done what it could for you in the last 3 trading days:

    1. Put forth a decent economic stimulus package worth 145 billion about 1% of GDP that will add at least 0.50 to the GDP growth this quarter

    2. Fed have made a hefty cut of 0.75 basis points on both Feds funds and discount rates thereby injecting massive liquidity worldwide and they are not through yet.. there will more rate cuts in the following weeks and months.

    What else a system like ours can deliver to remove you doom and gloom?

    Still gloomy and angry? The market is still down 142 points? Buyers sitting in caves..This market wins a title of a gloomy child's miscellanous temper tantrum! Nothing will make it right and nothing will please a depressed psyche of an ill pateint.

    Yes you keep pulling the temple down on your asses!

    Ask yourself what you can do for your country?

    I have quoted John F. Kennedy twice, and that quote was meant for people like you.
  2. What our country did for us a couple of years ago is why we're in this mess to begin with. 1% rates for far too long. Cheap money cannot fix the problems brought on by cheap money.

    As soon as you realize that, you'll stop bleeding out on your portfolio.
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    A positive attitude doesn't get rid of real problems, it take decisive action by those in position to act. In this case it is Bush, Paulson, and some others who can put investors faith back in to the US credit markets. The reason for the gloom is that those actions have not be taken ( or even hinted at which is perhaps most worrying as it makes those at the top look especially unaware) and until they are all the rest (positive talk, fed cut, stimulus package aimed at the consumer) is just window dressing.
  4. JOHN F. KENNEDY knew his fellow Americans to be soft bellies, having a sense of entitlement, where things should be given to them and hand fed... no doubt he made a wise comment. Nothing has changed since than, nothing will.

    Had you been in Sudan or Sri Lanka you would be eating on your fours face down with the bullocks.

  5. Rates cuts of 0.75 basis points is window dressing?

    Thanks for having the courage to admit your gloom. That is one good step to recovery.
  6. Since you are so much smarter than the rest of us, why don't you tell us all how the consumer, which makes up 70% of GDP, will be helped out by the rate cut. Pleasegive detail in your answer and even an example.

  7. I am definitley smarter than you are plus I have a balanced outlook in life much to your dismay.

    Things are not as bad as you have made it. Reality is there is no recession yet unless numbers prove it. Our market is still down after a Fed''s massive rate cut? Markets worldwide rejoiced and recovered ? Why is the American counterpart is so filled with doom and gloom ?

    Read econ 101 how rate cuts help the economy. I have no time to explain you this.
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    Yes the lackof fiscal leadership and responsability this country has exhibited in the last few years has me gloomy, my $ have lost 30-40% of their purchasing power because of it but I suppopse I should just wear a happy face and the Europeans will sell me crap at a discount. If io smile really nicely and jumpo around like Tom Cruise on Oprahs couch the saudis will sell me thier oil for a discount.

    Anyway, gloomy as I am I still managed to pull in some cash on the LONG side this morning, how bout you Mr Positive? Did you buy this morning with all your optimism?
  9. Enough said, you are as clueless as your posts make you out to be. Just a perma-bull sitting on a declining portfolio.

    BTW, everyone here knows you are stocktrad3r, so stop the charade.

    He is a perma-bull same as you.
    he is a militant, same as you.
    He is smarter than everyone else, same as you.
    He uses the word moonbat, same as you.
    He talks about leaps, same as you.
    this list can go on and on, the evidence is overwhelming.

    If anyone besides this schizo disagrees with this overwhelming evidence, say so.
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    Try turning off CNBC and pick up a financial newspaper. What is going on in the credit markets might come as a bit of a shock since you seem to be compeletly unaware as to why markets are not eager to bid stuff up when the rug could be pulled any day.

    When you have Bush, Paulson, Bernanke, and congress and most pundits saying everything is fie and rosy and great (kind of like you and whta you are saying) for the last 6 months while things hve been going depper and deeper in to the crapper surely you can understand why people have just about lost patience with pollyannaish outlooks.
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