Market Spooked?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by aphexcoil, Oct 18, 2002.

  1. Futures are down after the run-up from MSFT's earnings report. Apparently the main story on a lot of news channels is that the threat level of another domestic terrorist attack is approaching the level of threat weeks before September 11'th.
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    S&P cannot get past the .618 retracement of the august-octbober decline at 889-890.
  3. Or...maybe they could be down because of ERICY's poor earnings report and implementation of a 1-20 Ratio Change (what this change implies).
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    I just woke up (3 hours later than usual for me) and was wondering WTF was going on with the futures. Globex looked pretty healthy when I went to bed at midnight. Oh well.
  5. or.. maybe (most likely) none of these news services really has a damn clue,... but giving some reason sounds a hell of a lot better than the truth (that they don't have a clue)...
  6. Something like what I tell my friends when they ask me why the market is down...

    The sellers want to sell, more than the buyers want to buy.
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    The beauty of coming into each day flat.
  8. The beauty of rationalization after a week of gap-ups.

    heh jk dude :D :D :D
  9. Flat is great right now, there is just no compelling need to take unwanted unneeded risks. Let it open, settle and then we pounce
  10. Ya, these past few days have been great for "pouncing" with those 10-15 point ranges.

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