Market sells off = Dollar should weaken = Oil following dollar or Dow??

Discussion in 'Trading' started by spanish89, Sep 18, 2008.

What do you think oils next short/midterm trend will be??

  1. Will rise gradually but steadily back 120+ ove rthe next few weeks

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  2. Will steadily fall back down to the 60/70 area

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  1. Aloha people, i know most of you on this site don't trade oil, but id really appreciate some other peoples opinions on this;

    Over the next few weeks / months as the Dow steadily crashes, showing that the economy is falling apart and becoming just a big pile of shit basically, the dollar should logically also follow and weaken, as who would want currency in an economy thats falling apart.

    But so when the dollar weakens us oil traders will have a huge problem in identifying and trading the short/medium term trends..,
    as theres now real way of working out if oil will follow the weaker dollar and rise, or instead follow the weaking economy with demand destruction, and fall in price...

    Which route do you think oil will follow in teh short to midterm though??