Market sells off and pundings lie AGAIN

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by loza, May 4, 2010.

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    fucking US media (financial and non financial) is one big clusterfuck. OK, so the greeks riot a little and plan strikes, but the real sell off is based on spooked equities traders over the Times Square bomb suspect, his Paki friends etc etc. Greek debt Euro is so last week that it is not funny yet every dumb fuck reporter is in lock step behind each other over misreporting and obfuscation of reality.
    I read only the Economist and online sources as big media is dead.
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  4. It was some alarmclocks, 2 cans of gas and 2 bbq propane tanks. That's not terrorism, it's a distraction and will only piss-off commuters when they close the roads.

    The greece situation has much deeper consequences than some bbq propane tanks.
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    If that were the case why the sell-off today rather than yesterday? Got to agree with krazykarl, there is nothing there, the whole attempt was too amateurish to be taken seriously.
  6. Hey it's MAY! The lame media needs to find some bs reason to explain the selling.
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    Like the weather, if you don't like the market movement, just wait a day or two and it will change.

    I'd give it 1-3 weeks before Dow is at a new high like nothing ever happened. Could even happen this week, but that is a bit aggressive. More likely next week or the following week.

  8. Downside volatility usually gets more downside volatility.
  9. its the sell in may effect, but it was overdone. Don't know how long the pullback will last, but we will definately make new highs sometime next month or this month
  10. Market sells off and pundings lie AGAIN


    What's a 'punding'?
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