Market selling victory??

Discussion in 'Trading' started by bungrider, Apr 9, 2003.

  1. WTF??

    shouldn't the whole statue with a noose be inspiring a rally here?????

    i wanna short, but it doesn't seem worth the risk...
  3. and here it comes ...............................
  4. yeah about time...very very strange about no volume geez...
  5. maybe everyone is still waiting for the tank to pull this baby down ! :D

    as soon as the statue falls we get a rally like the ball on new years eve !! :D
  6. or maybe the good news being ignored is a sign of some selling to come?
  7. the thing we've been seeing lately is institutions unloading into the rallies...presumably because of the fundamentals of the economy deteriorating...

    i know there are many posters on this board who have been shorting into the strength...
  8. My DSL is down :mad:
  9. They're too nervous about earnings coming out to be buying. It seems the war premium is priced in pretty fully now.
  10. what do you call that ??

    the statue falls and we get a 40pt drop ?? :confused:

    should have known when i said we would rally :D
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