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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by tradeRX, Jun 9, 2001.

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    I'd like to get some fresh ideas on real time market scanners, software or web based.

    What's the best product for real time scanning? What do you use, and why do you like it?

    Presently, I'm considering two...

    RADAR & RIM (

    Also, Traderbot (

    Any thoughts on these? Others???

    Thanks, as always.


  2. I've been using for several weeks and like it, especially for the custom searches.

    I've also been looking at It's very intriguing but I haven't actually used it to trade yet. I might try the Day Trading Center next week. This one is worth looking at.
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    I would try it but I don't use RealTick. I would also like to try Stormchaser, but again it feeds on RealTick. I'm with IB now, but have plans to soon give RealTick a whirl in the near future.