Market Reporter Job

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Don't Pass Bet, Dec 8, 2009.

  1. After an exhaustive search for a relevant discussion on ET, I was unable to find any information regarding working on the floor as a market reporter.

    1. I understand the floor is an endangered species. The position at hand is for less active markets anyways.
    2. I know this is not a trading job.

    I thought it might be a unique opportunity to observe the twilight of the pits and make a few bucks and hopefully a few contacts.

    If anyone has any relevant info on this type of job, I would really appreciate it.
  2. 1) It's dreadfully boring with very little, if any, upside potential. It has no relevance to anything else in the "outside world".
    2) Take it if nothing else materializes for you. :cool:
  3. what was your college major and previous experience?
  4. Ricky Schroeder?

    This job is only fit for a migrant worker!

  5. follow your passion.

    get any job on the floor, and then network after the close.

    read books, try to impress guys at the big firms, and let them know how hungry you are. read their maybe tell them how smart they are. haha

    give it a year and you should be on a desk and things will look up
  6. I graduated this past May with a degree in Agribusiness. I have worked on the floor of the CME and CBOT twice as a runner so I figure I'm qualified enough for the job.

    I have heard many negative thing about working in floor operations, but I am above nothing and I want to get a job that is at least more interesting than working at McDonald's with some kind of potential to build good trading contacts.
  7. how likely is that?
  8. About as likely as me getting hired to a desk now. That is, not likely at all.