Market Reaction to the Big 700

Discussion in 'Politics' started by NoMoreOptions, Apr 18, 2004.

  1. The death toll of American soldiers in Iraq reached 700. How will the market react when it opens?

    By the way, what is a G.I.?
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    badly, probl drop 700p right on the open, may be.
  3. where does the term GI come from? Is that "Government Issue(d)" ?
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    I am for Bush and am still for Bush.

    But Iraq has been a gigantic fu*k-up in execution. There should have been a provisional govt put in charge from day one once the coalition had occupied Iraq. The Iraqi Army should not have been stood down .. what folly! It should have been put at the disposal of that provisional govt.

    American troops should have been kept to a main base and not put in direct confrontation. The British could have been much better and wiser advisors.. they ruled the goddamn country for a time as part of the British Empire!

    So in a phrase 'one mother of a fu*k-up'.
  5. The market is getting immune to death and bloodshed.

    Let's face it, we live in a violent world.

    The only thing that will move market psychology to any great degree at this point is a terrorist strike inside America that kills over 1000 people.

    Therefore the market will brush off the 700 level.

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    Would Bush really have listened to the UK? The UK are there at the whim of Bush and is designated tasks instead of really being put on a equal footing in regards to descision making. (UK forces were especially pissed that US had command over our air force in the war and helped their guys out first too). Past history of rule is no indication of control now. Indeed if US had observed through history the uprisings against the British Empire then unrest such as what is happening now would have been of no suprise. Whether you think removing Saddam was good for the people or not, you always get hoards of people itching to take pot shots at who they see as invaders.
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    The iraqi army wasn't disbanded, it ran away. The officers were recalled last week.
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    The American authorities in Iraq officially disbanded the Iraqi army soon after the main war ended. It was idealistic, foolish and extremely naive

    If they are recalling Iraqi Army officers now thats sensible but far better if the whole Iraqi army/armed services had been embraced at the outset and used to maintain order.
  9. Yes. Initially (use predates WW2) applied to government issued items (clothes, equipment, etc.) - soon became a generic term applied to soldiers too. It's applied to all soldiers (and of course government issued items) (e.g., GI bill doesn't apply only to infantry).

    Also means gastrointestinal (as in GI tract) and as a quick HR/management abbreviation (as in gross incompetence) - so be clear of the context where used :)

    Separately, G-man (as applied to FBI, etc. - for Government Man) was supposedly coined by a gangster during the 20s/30s timeframe ("...don't shoot G-man...") - the FBI liked the idea and helped promulgate its use through their contacts in the press.

  10. G.I.: I thought it meant general infantry.
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