market reaction to space shuttle incident

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  1. does the space shuttle incident increase the uncertainty and fear in the equity markets OR will there be a patriotic rally on monday ?? my system placed me FLAT entering the open on monday.

    let's go do what happens,

  2. cheeks


    I do not think it wil have any affect.

    :( I'm net short.
  3. I'd say none of the above. I'd say this horrible incident will trim about 500- 1000 spooz points from the open on Monday. Not a drastic down open by any means.

    My hat comes off to the brave men & women of the Columbia, and the noble sacrifice they have made.
  4. qdz2


    It doesn't matter what the market will do. Comparing to the tragedies, the market is nothing. Donot even think about capitalize on disasters. Otherwise you are alining yourself with pathetic SOB terrorists.


    If you are shorting the market, please tell me that you are not counting on a disaster rather than normal valuation.
  5. Why am I not even seeing news reports on this from the U.S. News on my homepage?

    I also don't see why it should be wrong to post a thread questioning how to profit from this event but I have seen no-one criticizing the numerous threads that have questioned how we should try to profit from a bogus war on Iraq.
  6. How soon after you heard the news of the accident did your mind turn to the impact on the markets?
  7. Vishnu


    The only (fortunately there has not been more) data point we have is January 28, 1986. The day was an up day and the low of the day was the open, which was equal to the close from the day before. Not only that, the open, 207.40 on the S&P, was never seen again, even during the 87 crash or bear market of the early 90s.
  8. qdz2


    I did, from the begining. If you didn't see, you hear me NOW. Trying to capitialize on human tragedies like attacks, wars are SOB religious men and women.


  9. And we are going to war in Iraq to make the world a happier place.
  10. sammybea


    I ditto that.. "huh?"

    Capitalizing is something like you do when you call elderly victims for donations to 9/11 funds.. even though its for yourself. But give me a break. Any shock to the markets should be capitalized on. Thats what our freedoms allow us to do. Lets say oil prices are rising.. should we not buy oil and sell at the peak? Or would that be supporting Saddam? Lets not confuse patriotism and stupidity.

    This may be off the topic, but i honestly believe that qdz2's comments are not of the minority which is quite disturbing. I was born in the US and PROUD to be a citizen of the best country of the world.
    But there is a component of stupidity thats prevalent. One of my biggest pet peeves is showing our "patriotism" to victims of 9/11. Our outpouring of donations have made each family a multi-millionaire. And yet many are unhappy cause instead of receiving the min of 2 million, they deserved much more of our cash. And yet there are still scholorship funds and the alike for the victims. How can any of you donate to people who are financially better than you are???????? Sigh..
    Not to mention a variety of other legit charities have been suffering cause people want to show their patriotism (or stupidity) by writing a check to Joe blow rather that for cancer and the alike. Sigh. I will stop my soapbox, but Qdz2, you are not alone.

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