Market Rally since obama came on board.

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  1. Does this mean Wallstreet agrees with him? Since Regular Joe pulled out of the markets.

    How is this explained?
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    Perhaps you missed the article, Obama's Big Sellout, or Moore's latest film, Capitalism... Obama, when you consider who he's surrounded himself with, how much financial regulation he has either tried and failed to reinstitute, or simply not tried to reinstitute, is Wall Street.
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  5. Does this mean Wallstreet agrees with him?

    We have a bigger and better carnival because we have a bigger and better dunce.

  6. 1.Yes Wall Street agrees with him

    2.He's doing a great job that dumb ass and racists Republicans wont give him credit for
  7. The fed biting the hand that feeds it. What would the confidence in markets be if everything had been left to fail?
  8. It's all "money pump". If McCain had won, it would have been the same. Obama deserves ZERO credit for the market's rebound.
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    Of couse, you'd blame him if the market were tanking...
  10. You know he certainly would
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