Market Psychology Exploitation

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  1. when you have a lull in the storm, the initial market participants who were at the forefront of the selloff position themselves, in different markets, before a second blow is initiated.

    the second blow takes advantage of the fragile market psychology, and R:R(risk/reward) is skewed to a large degree, its almost like 'free money'.

    the sharks smell blood, and its far easier to take it down then up. Various commodity markets are all susceptible to be limit down as this gets unwound globally.
  2. 1388 next target for spooz.
  3. watch night session institutions can paint a very negative picture... before the open using very little to smash it.
  4. too much complacency.. watching cramer.. all the people are talking about buying and buying...amazing.. whats being repeated is look at past corrections.. we came back!...

    this is very dangerous mindset... only a true bear market will ring this mindset out.
  5. what happens if the fed doesnt cut rates this coming march...20th
  6. 1364 next target.
  7. fomc inflection
  8. Well the markets were down today, is this the start of a bear cycle? Where's the rebound? I wonder what dip buyers are thinking.
  9. um so whats you point?
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    Keep it up. I love this blow-by-blow narrative of the pending crash.

    Makes for a great script.
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