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Discussion in 'Technical Analysis' started by JGTrader, Jan 31, 2007.

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    How many people here that trade futures incorporate Market Profiling as a tool to make trading decisions. The book I am reading makes it look pretty useful but I have also read that it no longer works like it once did.

    If so any insight into how you use it?

    Just wondering if I am wasting my time learning this tool.

  2. Are you reading... Mind over Markets...? Markets in Profile? Steidlmayer on Markets?

    If I ever give a useful advice, this would be it.. I wouldn't trade with Market Profile.
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    Mind over Markets!

    It was published in 99 but I found the analysis of time to be something few look at and as so a possible edge.

    What is it about MP that you don't like?
    Is it outdated or unreliable, or to difficult to interpret?
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    check out the thread "market profile -- who needs it?"
  5. Great way to make money for book writers and chat room operators with all the twists and turns associated with it. But, I think a good understanding of Market Profile can open your eyes to other better strategies...
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    Thanks for the heads up guys!

    I wish I would have posted this a few days earlier, before I spent the last few days reading through the book trying to digest all the info. I did a search on ET for it but there was way to many threads with "market" and profile".

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    This is a pretty impressive thread. Can anybody else comment on their experience with MP?

    Ripley, maybe you can elaborate.