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    Is there any software that is cheaper than esignal and have the market profile?

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  2. Another good platform that comes to mind, that is cheaper than eSignal is Ensign Windows. But, I don't think they offer MP.

    eSignal is the cheapest option for MP, the other includes CQG which is certainly more expensive than eSig.
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    IRT from offers MP and you can use it with an IB data feed.

  4. For the cheapest, true implementation of MP you need to go with esig.
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    I already have another charting software, but use esignal for the MP. thats why I am looking for something cheaper.

  6. I use Ensign, they have something called "price histogram" which is almost identical to market profile. One can see a distribution based on price or volume. I choose volume. It is different from the profile because you can't "split" each letter apart on Ensign like you can on Market Profile.

    But Ensign is awesome, it is 40 dollars per month!! Amazing. Search on google for price histogram Ensign and check out screenshots, it is very similar to MP...
  7. We are adding Market Profile to QuoteTracker. In fact, QuoteTracker version 3.6.9H has it as both top and bottom indicator on charts. The first implementation does not have preconfigured color coding of the letters, though you can manually specify all colors on OPTIONS/Edit Preferences menu, CHARTS tab, COLORS Sub-tab

    We do have a few questions for the users that have experience with Market Profile charting - hope you can help:

    1. What is used more - the "old" scheme (where A is 9:00, and there are half-hours for which there are no letters) or the "new" scheme (where 9:30 is T, and all 48 time periods have letters assigned)

    2. What are some standard coloring conventions for the letters in the market profiles? Though the user will be able to edit colors for every letter in QT, we would like to add some pre-configured color coding options

    I would appreciate your feedback. Being a QuoteTracker user is not a requirement for this :)

    BTW, as to the original question - since QT works with various datafeeds from brokers and subscription sources, you could have it as cheap or expensive as you want.
  8. SierraChart (under $10 per month) has market profile as well.
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  10. QuoteTracker offers "Volume by Price", which is similar to Market Profile imo. If you use IB data, it doesn't cost you anything.
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