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Discussion in 'Technical Analysis' started by oldfloorguy, Feb 24, 2009.

  1. Anyone here know any services that offer market profile resistance and support numbers
  2. Are you talking about standard levels such as VAH,POC VAL etc. ?

    Google mypivots....
  3. Bill Duryea:
  4. TradeMaven's Inside Edge posts Sup/Res levels for ZB, ZN, ES daily
  5. I am actually looking to see if there are any services that provide daily research and news letters of support and resistance based on Market Profile. I am not interested in any services that offer macd, rsi, adx etc. these have and can be proven with back testing that they do not work.
  6. you might try they post numbers and some get involved in Mp charts newsletter though..fairly low key place
  7. I use market profile to get my daily levels of resistance and support. I use my levels l trade my levels a little different than most people trade any type of level. I identify my levels as a general area and then only trade them the first time they are touched and then do not use them this am i came in with 125'02 as a level of support in the 30 yr bonds on the opening price came down to 125'035 where i purchased 125'04 (once again the area) it and took .04 on 1 car and .10 on the other.... When later in the day price came down and traded to 125'015 i did not trade it again (wish i had but not part of my strategy). It has been working extremely well and was looking to see if anyone had a market profile generated newsletter sort of like the technical newsletter provided by JS Services. (I am not pitching his service---I actually dont use it since it uses MACD,ADX,RSI, etc all of which have been proven to be laggards) As of now noone I know does what I am looking for so i am looking into starting my own research and advisory newsletter. Maybe what I will do is post my levels in here for a while to see what the reponse is from the general users in here
  8. If any one wanted to see if that was the real level you can actually see the post of all my levels including the top of the bonds today the chart showing my levels is posted in the so noone can tell me MP doesnt work I bought the bottom and sold the top today heres the link and you can see the time it was posted

    or you can go into the Trading with Market Profile discussion and look at my post last night and the graph attched showing my levels on page 76