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  1. Just trying to find out if there are any traders out there that use MP or a variation of it for position trading. Making trades according to daily/weekly/monthly charts. Is there such a thing as position trading with MP? Can you derive S/R levels in the same way also using VP or are S/R levels mostly just apparent from chart/price analysis. Thus, S/R levels seen from just looking at price are just as good as anything derived from VP and the like? If MP is not applicable are there any studies that attempt to derive "value" areas from daily charts?
  2. well...just thought I'd run the thread out on the front board once again...I have a feeling this forum is daytrader heavy so my questions may be beyond the scope of most....
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    For long(er)-term trading Volume Profile gives a good visual image of support and resistance. I use this and find it usefull. You can also use VP for short-term trading, in particular you will see the POC come into play quite often.

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    yes there is position trading via MP. Dalton discusses it in MOM. cisco-futures addresses it in their studies as well. i think Steidlmayer presents his approach as well in his book.

    a lot of people use various types of larger time-frame profiles. some use a 5- or 10- or 20- or 30-day profile for longer term positions. same general MP concepts apply.

  5. i use MP as a way to analyze market character, and help differentiate key price levels. I also use it as confluence on other trade setups, and to indicate more importantly where NOT to trade.

    i use intraday, daily, monthly, and quarterly MP charts as well, in order to provide frames of reference of value areas, and where LTFP and STFP are playing

    i wouldn't trade w/o it. that's for sure
  6. I just got Dalton's book. I would like to gain a clearer map for intraday trading. What's the best way to start? Thanks.
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    What is the best charting package for drawing MarketProfile charts?

    I am using Tradestation and it is Ok, but there may be something better out there.

    Any suggestions?

    Thank you
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    I'm using the eSgnal add-on for MP ($10/month) , probably not the best thing out there but it works fine for me.
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    To my knowledge the list of charting apps that support MP are, in no particular order:

    Tradestation, CQG, eSignal, Ensign, Investor R/T, Aspen, and Sierra.

    Their MP capabilities very greatly. The new Investor R/T MP stuff looks fairly exciting.

    Good luck.
  10. hey used to be a position trader...did you use MP for that?
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