Market profile + TICK extremes

Discussion in 'Technical Analysis' started by fantastic4, Dec 24, 2008.

  1. I'm making this one of the main aspects of my trading plan, I have found them to be very reliable and would appreciate any feed back. Basically I look for Tick extremes that match price hitting a high or low value area.

    Here's a video example from Tuesday:
  2. Cool videos. Good concepts.

    I trade spot FX so thus far I haven't really been able to find a way to use TICK, but it seems like it would be very helpful.

    A member here named They had a thread where he described it as an oscillator based on the actual rhythm of the market and not a preset arbitrary period. Sounds pretty accurate to me.
  3. The best way I've found to use the TICk is as a genarl gauge of the market, are there more ticks over 0 (bullish) or under 0 (bearish), and of course, the extreme readings when they conencide with important areas.
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    Good stuff. Thanks for posting.