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Discussion in 'Technical Analysis' started by forestfire, Apr 26, 2008.

  1. Can anyone recommend an alternative to cqg for mp data?
    I used to think that cqg was overpriced but after trying to use esignal to replicate the cqg set up, I'm ready to pay up for cqg again.
    Is there any other cheap alternative?
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  3. RT Investor, Marketdelta, Ninja with plugin, ProphetX ...
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  5. Laoya


    Does this work with data from Mirus/Zen-Fre datafeed?
    Or is eSignal data required?
  6. Thank you for the replies. I'll check out the links provided.
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    It will work with any NinjaTrader supported market data or brokerage vendor.
  9. Laoya


    I'm sorry... I should rephrase.

    Would the volume profile addon be able to show historical bid-ask data on Ninjatrader charts with Mirus/Zen-Fire?

    Or would it need a data provider like eSignal to provide historical backfill?

    I'm not sure if Mirus/Zen-Fire can backfill bid-ask data. Planning to open an a/c there. :)
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