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Discussion in 'Trading' started by savage, Aug 14, 2003.

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    Hey's been awhile.

    Been doing some reading on Market Profile, specifically "Mind Over Markets", and am wondering if there is any more validity to using TPO's and Market Profile as opposed to using a simple Volume by Price Graph.

    Also, are there any free sources of daily and intraday Market Profile graphs?

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  3. I think "Mind Over Markets" is a great book - a must read for a trader. For me it does not make much difference which type of chart I'm using as long as Value Area and Point of Control are marked. Also the 80% rule outlined in the book - you can take that to the bank.
  4. Could you please define how these are used? The value area and the 80% rule. Do you find market profile as an imperative part of your trading plan?
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    When I was at the Chicago Expo, I believe I remember that the CBOT was going to implement MP and make it available for a very small fee thru their website. I believe it might even be free for a couple of weeks if I remember correctly. I suggest you contact the CBOT.

    Here is a nice link to MP stuff:,1398,13+287+385,00.html