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  1. Hello,

    First and foremost I believe in reducing costs. Heck, when I started out buying mutual funds (20 yrs ago), I listened to my frugal grandfather's advice and went with Vanguard.

    I have used Linnsoft's MP program and it is excellent. However, I simply refuse to continue to pay monthly to use a program. Call me old skool, but I want to buy a program and own it, not rent it and certainly not at $60 a month.

    I currently use Quotetracker, TOS, TD Ameritrade, and IB. Most of my charting is through the first two. TOS' Market Profile indicator sux.

    With that in mind, has anybody used FINAL's MP program. I see it is $249 one time cost and works as an add-on for Ninjatrader. I have never used either, but since NT is free, and FINAL's MP is a one-time cost, it seems the way to go. I realize I can download a trial version of the MP program. I am just soliciting reviews from people who have used it. Good? Bad?

    Any other options for MP that work with any of the above data vendors and don't require a monthly subscription a la linnsoft?

  2. Jonson


    i tried a tpochart from fin-alg
    many errors in the calculations
    if you try to overload the chart, you can sometimes see different results
    I do not recommend