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  1. MarketDelta and the blog readers have asked me to do a webinar on how I am teaching my daughter to day trade,

    Its free and there is nothing for sale.

    Information can be found on my blog

    I use Market Profile and Order Flow to enter and manage trades and the blog describes what I am teaching my daughter and the trades we make using the methodology.

    All are welcome.
  2. The agenda for the Order Flow Market Profile webinar is:
    Part One:

    The road map from newbie to consistently profitable
    The steps and the timetable
    How to learn to trade
    Milestones to reach
    Self assessment of progress - know when you are ready to go to the next step
    Replay - slow, normal and fast
    Real money at risk
    Matching size, risk and account size

    Part Two:

    Trading philosophy
    Instant gratification
    What day trading is to us
    Variations and style
    Charts and setups
    Bar charts and indicators
    Reading order flow
    Why the CCIs
    Market profile
    Creating setups: Inside out and outside in
    Re-entry after early exit
    Pre-trading preparation
    Keeping records
    Business trading hours
    Which markets to trade?
    Position sizing and your account size

    Questions and answers

    Link to register:
    Electronic Local: Webinar Scheduled - Jan.16,2010

    Looking forward to seeing everyone.
  3. I've had PMs asking for the link to the recordings of the webinar. Here it is:
    Look for the link under KEY POSTS on the right hand side of the blog.