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  1. Hi everybody ;-)

    By assembling two days RTH session of the day before and the days before yesterday, we obtain a balanced daily composite of type Normal Days. The shape in “D” is traditional.

    The latter thus implies the fact of having found a zone of price right around the POC (here statistical mode in rect green shaded) known as zone of Fair Value (right-angled blue).

    Do not believe that the operators bulls of Long run gained. not! not yet or at all?
    Control is shared but the pressure remains Short with the volatility of last week creating of the quantitative hollows as those indicated in red zone shaded which are resistances in first intention.

    The scenarii are of type Break to Trade:

    - Responsive Selling Activity who benefit from the maintenance exaggerated (seen like) out of Fair Value and will aim at the return to the POC.

    - Initiative Buying Activity with purchasers who expect a support of the external flow (major market movers today? specialists please! Pricing bull of tomorrow, influence maintained of the FOMC.) to break Resistance daily and to go towards the next hollow.

    Those which shout at the end of the fall (thus LongTerm, other that day-traders), be careful and tighten your stops under the zone of Fair Value. Yes it is my council.

    And excuse me for my mistakes of languages, poor frenchy trader :)
  2. Another rock solid post that shows price is going up or down.

    That's impressive.

    How does one get fancy charts which show price is going up or down? Is that exclusive to the French?
  3. Yes, it is !:p

    Best ?

    -Excess Overnight session: Long 1100 or Short 1165.

    -RTH session: Follow the Range Extension of IB.

    Trading is dynamic, you understand ? No, sorry Guy.
  4. Long ES 1144 (pullback)

    Target 1165 + Live (up)

    Loss 1134 (10pts risk)

  5. Target Filled !

    1-Big Up 1200 + 1235
    2-Pullback Balance

    I see the first plan.
  6. Truff


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    great. just what ET needs - yet another paper trading billionaire
  8. don't we need to get through the LVA from friday before we see 1200? The probability of getting to 1185 is high the probability of breaking through it is probably like 30%. SO go long until there take profits and see what happens. If it breaks up to 1200 (today's r1 and near friday's poc) short the piss out of it.
  9. Like I said ...
  10. Bad day for the volatility traders.

    My intraday target is 1214 and my swing, 1237.

    Happy, LMFAO, the party rock ? ;-)
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