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  1. Howdy.
    I have been following the first 6 hours or so of the bunds for the last couple of months with a view to day trade them. i have been playing around with market profile as a analytical tool and there seems to be some merit in it though being new to both bunds and MP its a steep learning curve. I worked as a paper filler in Australia for a number of years and knowing what was making news could normally scalp a few pts on realises and breaking news. Some questions. I am trying to work out wether there is value in getting reuters/is anyone trading off news realises etc, obviously figures are important, and how much lead do they take from the treasuries once they open. Is anyone trading bunds with Market Profile and how do they find it? and finally Ive got a Pats-Jtrader platform at moment so I can follow the markets but its seems to get a bagging on here, can anyone who is using/used it give me some feedback. Sorry if these seem dumb questions but this a whole new set up for me.:
  2. You can't say that treasuries lead bunds. They move synchronously! The following graphic shows a 30min-chart of 10y bunds vs 10y notes for the last few days:


    The influence of the EUR/USD crossrate must be considered too!
  3. Thanks Market profiler:D