Market Profile in Modern Day Professional Trading - Why, How?

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    Market Profile has traditionally been two things-a chart type and a methodology. But it's really just a way to present session data in a unique (but quirky) way.

    I've always liked that style of presentation as an overview across sessions but I've always had an issue with value as a concept - mostly because I trade based on the fact I think others will trade after me. I've never once sat there thinking "wow S&P500 futures at 4000 - what a bargain".

    Finding out some pretty big BSDs were using it to find tradeable scenarios was, quite frankly - a bit of a surprise.

    If you are interested in what they do, how it's used and why it's used - have a look at the video below that explains their rationale and walks through one of their popular setups.

    Click here to watch. No need to register.

    Marker Profile.png
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