Market Profile - Greatest indicator known to man?

Discussion in 'Technical Analysis' started by antincedo, Sep 19, 2008.

  1. is this true? should you only enter a position when the market tells you to?
  2. Well, the market IS the one who sends the signals of what its doing and will do, so yes you should listen to it :)

  3. Yes!
    That being said . . . price is perfect but Market Profile isn't.

  4. price is perfect? i thought only i was?
  5. man


    absolutely no. ask anyone ... except the market.
  6. so i should go long when the market is down trending and short when the market is moving up?
  7. man


    if you are asking me this question seriously, you'd
    better not trade for quite a while. maybe you're just
    joking - in this case, touche, you got me -, but if
    not, you really have to dig/learn/sweat. no other
    way to make it. and even then it is tough.
  8. rawfist


    Indicators.. tsk tsk
  9. i was joking that you were implying this be the case, because that's what it sounded like
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