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  1. Hi,

    Can anyone recommend an good source for learning a Market Profile trading strategy that can be used for intra-day trading?


  2. Go to> click on the "Education" tab-------> click on "Market Profile" and then slog through all of the content that's there as a starting point.
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  4. I guess I am looking for something a bit more detailed into strategy rather than the basic stuff.

    I know that Tom Alexander has a website and seminar and does a gentleman named Jones.

    Has anyone taken these courses that can speak to their satisfaction?
  5. Bill (name spelled Duryea) used to be on the floor. Plenty of experience. Don't know whether he is profitable on screen however. Can't hurt to try them out I guess.

    It would be a good idea to have the basics down before you take the trial...Otherwise you might as well pass.

    Good luck
  6. (1) Focus on making distinctions between "initiating" and "responsive" activity as it relates to range-extension and the daily extremes. (2) Be on the lookout for minus-development, tails and efficiency as it relates to the shape of the unfolding daily profile. Those things have the potential to allow you to pick better spots in the market.
  7. I would check out this guy. His name is Frank Butera, no I haven't taken his course, but he is affiliated with Ryan Watts of Watts trading, a guy well known for providing value for $$. And no I am not affiliated with either. I will be checking out his free webinar and I have watched his free mini lessons on MP and it looked decent.
  8. I am assuming you are referring to Jones, as in Don Jones of Cisco Futures. Don knows his stuff, but is a dinosaur of sorts. Ironically, he is the father of one of the coauthors of Mind Over Markets and Markets In Profile.

    I would definitely check out Tom Alexander at, and if you have the $$$, look into James Dalton and Terry Lieberman's new seminars and courses at The latter is the best way to go in my opinion.
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    Has anyone attended an IOAMT seminars.

    They are quite pricey but he does seems to know his stuff and has grown over the years...

    I spoke to them about references but they wouldnt give me names/emails because he never confirmed with anyone with using them..

    Wondering if anyone can let me know if they have and what your recommendation is...

    Im NOT talking about the Chat room....Im talking about his 5 day seminars...

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