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  1. Hi all. I am a market profile trader as well as an online educator. I was just looking through these forums to see if there was any MP related posts but I don't see many.

    Is MP no too popular on these boards? Just looking for some friendly conversation and possibly to pick up some new ideas on what other people are using the profile for.

  2. You know Market Profile is the best trading subject matter to start a trading chatroom with.

    You have A,B,C,z,y,z periods, POC, PVA, PTA, TTP.. etc... so much to keep the trading room busy.

    ...maybe thats where the money is.

  3. Not really Ripley. I don't use most of those nice acronyms you posted and there isn't much money in it at all believe me lol. I started my course because a bunch of people requested I do it in the chat room I used to trade in.

    I think there is a much bigger market for automated systems. Those guys make all the dough. Unfortunately my thing makes very little which causes me to have to make my money the old fashioned way, trading.

    Kinda sounds like you were making a crack towards me. No biggie though. Just really looking for people who use the profile and I'm interested in learning how some other peeople are using it.

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    A suggestion.

    Why don't you start a thread. I will be interested.
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    Market profile is about volume at different price levels?
  7. Yes. Market Profile is visually representation that depicts volume and time at price. It is the main tool used in Auction Market Theory. It is a fantastic tool although maybe a bit advanced. I first came across it early in my trading career and it was such an obscure topic that I just dismissed it as drivel. Many years later I finally realized its worth and began using it. Its use basically changed my life.

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    can you explain to us how you use it in your trading? Are you using intraday levels to find fade plays? Are you using previous day levels to trade for the next day?
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    Do you know of a site where one can access TOP levels for CME products?
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