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  1. has anyone had any experience with any of the chat rooms (free or paid) that focus mainly on MP? Looking primarily for discussion and education but trade calls (that work lol) would be nice also.

  2. I would highly recommend, especially for the money, Frank Butera's

    It's $191 USD lifetime and then $6 per month to trading rooms. That's all he does is MP with a spin of his own.

    I haven't been in the room in a couple of months, not because it's gone down hill, but I realized my motivation for going there was wrong. Good room, good value for sure.

    I think he will still let you download the first 2 parts of the course. Last time I looked he focuses on the ES.
  3. He is connected somehow or was to Ryan Watts another guy with integrity
  4. True, originally he traded Ryan's stuff with his MP lines, but now he just trades his stuff. He said he still likes Ryan's stuff, but doesn't want to be a scalper which is primarily what Ryan's stuff is designed for.
  5. I think I ran across his site once before but passed on it at the time because he was focusing solely on YM and I prefer ES. Will give it another look. Thanks.
  6. anyone ever seen a daily market profile chart posted for free daily? I don't trade intraday but would like to follow it out of curiosity.
  7. Yes, Balancetrader is a very good choice !

    I bought his course and was in his room. Frank is an honest guy and he definitely knows how to trade.

    You won't "get rich quick" with this method, but if you want to become a long-term profitable trader and don't need to do at least 100% on your account per month in order to pay your bills, it's definitely worth a look.
  8. Not exactly what you are looking for but this is a start -
  9. this is a good start, thanks!
  10. damn, I was hoping for a MINIMUM of 100% per month. Sounds like his room won't work.:)
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