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    Hi everyone !

    I'm individual trader focused on trading e-mini S&P500. Every day I start with marking areas of support and resistance based on Market Profile. These levels are used for entries & stop placements in RTH. In attachment you will find pdf file that contains everything I need to know to execute the plan for the day.

    Enjoy !
  2. mgattani


    Very interesting sheet. Will you be able to post before market open.

  3. tortoise


    are the two of you, by chance, related?
  4. MGL


    Areas of support/resistance for 10/10/20.
  5. Do they have the same I.P. address? :confused: :mad:
  6. MGL


    Areas of support/resistance for 10/10/21.

    Have a good trades !
  7. MGL


    Areas of support/resistance for 10/10/22.
  8. David70


    If you put enough lines on a charts like support, poc, vpoc blah blah, almost everyday one high or low will come near one of these levels making you think that there is value in this BS.

  9. MGL


    You are right ! It's up to you how to use these depends on timeframe you are trading in.

    I try to evaluate all possibilities before RTH and mark interim & major support/resistance areas on the chart. But I don't know forehand where market will open - in balance or imbalance. After opening I try to gauge opening (types of opening are described in Jim Dalton's books) and visualize further development of the day.

    POC, VAH, VAL points are used first hour/hour and a half. After the range extension I use some Market Profile setups as well gauge price action if one of the support/resistance areas are reached.

    In my sheet all levels (except Pivot Points) are based on Market Profile studies and the Auction Market Theory. You can see performance of the levels for this week in attachment.
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    Post market performance for 10/10/19.
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