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Discussion in 'Technical Analysis' started by toad1, Apr 21, 2006.

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    Does anyone have any comments on using WindoTrader for viewing Market Profile - the package starts at $485 per month with a $650 one time set up fee!
  2. Colaeus


    I know your original post is a year old, but if you sit tight - these guys are working on a new release that will include bar charts as well as the ability to EXECUTE off the charts and trail stops and so forth (way cool) that will be half the cost of this current version. I believe it is supposed to be out the second week in April. (2007!!!)
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    Tks for the update. I will look out for the new release on their web site.
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    Actually they have an even better version coming out in the next couple of months--I've been using the original for the past 5 years (it's great), and this next one is supposed to be like nothing else anyone has ever seen. I've tried most of the rest of the Market Profile platforms out there, and I've seen nothing to compare with WindoTrader.
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    Does Market Profile also work for trading equity? Or is it just for futures?

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  7. MJUK


    What is so good about Windotrader?

    I took at look at the video on the website and was not particualy blown away.

    I am currently using an add-on to ninja trader which is ok.

    How much is Windotrader now?
  8. omniscient

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    Hi MJUK -
    some WT strengths are the visual display of profiles/charts, flexibility for creating/manipulating profiles, support/education, and value.

    hope that helps.

    Have a great weekend!
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    I have been using Photon trader which now has market profile and you can execute off the charts - bar charts, tick charts, market profile, or expanded broken out profile showing volume at price...etc./ It took these guys awhile to get this out on the market, but the wait was well worth it. I clear through I think you would have to contact them if you wanted to try out the simulator. I am extremely happy with it.
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    Thanks for the replies guys. Will check them both out.
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