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    I am trying to find a good Market Profile indicator that I can use on Trade Station. Does any body out there have one that I could import. Any and all assistance appreciated.

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    Thanks omniscient............but they seemed to not have one currently. Searching around and hours turn into days, etc. Yet if some one using TS has a MP indicator they can send the attachment in 1 minute and walla......... I am in business.
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    I am sorry, but have you really searched that long? (only about 8 minutes after omniscient posted the link you thanked him and replied you searched for days, but surely not from his URL :) ). Anyway try this from his URL and traderslaboratory :
    Some Elds have copyright restrictions so users generally do not post them unless it is really open source. Keep at it, they are out there, both fee and free.
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    FWIW................I have searching off an on for about three days. Here try clicking on your recommended site.
    You will find MP is no longer available. I don't want to try and piece together something that others have been trying to piece together. If I can get an ELA or ELD indicator for TS 8.1 then I would really like to try an work with it, other wise no. I am totally unadept with easy lanugage and have no desire to start learning at this point.

    1st Trading has a free one week trial MP indicator for TS. I will go with them unless I get lucky.

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    OK ...looks like that's it. Many thanks. I am having no problem getting the Mkt Profile indicator up but so far unable to locate the last bar on chart (function).

    Thanks Again. :D
  8. I bought a couple of inexpensive 1-time fee MP programs, one for futures and one for stocks. Check out the programmer's (Don) site at:

    The program looks better than what is displayed on the site, with a different color for each period. They are for the daily session only so you can't do a composite profile. However, they work great with TS and the programmer will work with you to meet your individual needs. A feature that I find especially useful is that, unlike other programs out there, you can plot other indicators on the MP chart.

    Good luck.
  9. sorry Trade Station sucks, if you want to trade like a pro you have to use pro stuff you need TT, CQG and another program I will not mention because it is my edge. Unless you have that go home and do something else.
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