Market Profile and Fibonacci Time & Price Analysis

Discussion in 'Technical Analysis' started by Jax, Mar 14, 2006.

  1. Jax


    I have been trading for a little over a year now and was looking to add to my trading toolbox by adding Market Profile or Fibonacci Time & Price Analysis. Just wanted to hear some comments on what you all have found more helpful.
  2. lwlee


    Based on a recommendation in one of the other threads, i applied for a 2 week trial to
    They have a live room trading, using market profile or auction market theory.

    First day there. I wasn't too impressed with the head trader. At point, he got all excited that the SP was going to go higher. It didn't. I've give him more time since it's free. I just hope it's better than Woodie's CCI room.
  3. I prefer Market Profile. It's a more consistent way of anticipating breakouts and reversals. Take some time to grasp the basic components of it. With Fibonacci, I felt that there were too many arbitrary "number levels" to be concerned with. Go with the one you feel more comfortable with.
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  5. MP is well worth the effort to learn. Probably the best trading tool there is IMO.