Market Profile 7/13

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  1. Nota: excuse me, it's an automatic translation.

    Island Day so innocent only that even if is not placed on higher or a quantitative resistance.
    We see it sheltering hollow zones bulls at the time of the strong last weekly tendency. They are thus for the salesmen long terms to transpierce these last.
    Gap down maintains this conviction saleswoman, pressing.

    But one day draws our attention: one day balanced where the fair price says Fair Value is accepted by the two antagonistic parts.
    This day is placed between two hollows Quant synomyme at the same time of a carelessness purchasing and an estimate of too low too quickly. This last hollow is the support to be held. env 1305ES.

    We thus go two scenarios for this afternoon:
    1-Une activity initiating purchaser (Initiative Buying Activity) which will be maintained WITH the TOP of Been worth Area (zone of balanced value) and which will attack the gap down.
    2-Une significant activity saleswoman (In reply Selling Activity) where the salesmen Term Length will find this value high unjust (Unfair High) and will counter it to turn over At least in the Zone of fair price, on the POC.

    I privileged the second scenario as long as the gap is not broken! I am thus sensitive salesman of this rise and ready to transfer Short in the event of confirmation strong purchaser via the structure of break of the gap down.
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  3. It would be helpful if you could explain your chart?

    In your last chart, is "a lower low, low high in weekly bars" the point?