Market Preview 1/7

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by olandeer uxxar, Jul 1, 2011.

  1. The Long Term Buyers expects a lower level.

    US Index (ES/YM) closes with a light up to down bias, outside (above) the weekly resistance failed. This bias is non facilitated.

    The overnight session (ETH) is expected Neutral to light up so no trade. If the price is down, the buyers will appear on the level 1306ES / 12776 YM.

    We expect the opening of Wall-Street (RTH session).
  2. The overnight session (US index) conforms to preview= Neutral & No trade.

    The Dollar Index (DX) preserves its support, a resistance moreover for the S&P500.

    The T-Note10years (ZN) is on a monthly support. Its Initial Balance is Large, so difficult range extension ?

    The S&P500 (ES) and Dow (YM) Futures are below or inside a strong monthly resistance.

    We are light down for this end of week.