Market Prediction Today - 14 March

Discussion in 'Trading' started by galvinlee888, Mar 14, 2011.

  1. Now is about 1.5 hours before market open.

    My prediction is -
    Market will open red but close green.

    Look at the tape.

    Also, all the bad news from Japan already priced in, and oil fall below $100, and no one seemed care too much on Libya anymore. Europe is tame for the time being
    The herd bull is waiting to buy the fxxxxxx dip again.

  2. mkt just holding up into FOMC sugar daddy.
  3. Bob111


    :confused: if you mean stock exchange then it's about 30 min before open. i think you forgot to adjust to US summer time..
  4. Market has the feel of one of those - red at open, then move up some to suck people in, then big drop later in the day.

    But who knows...
  5. another bonafide idiot thread bites the big one
  6. Use your brain to think, if the big event in Japan can only move the market down for less than 100 points in DJL and the market move upward since 1pm, what you think ? A begining of another bear market ?? How worst could it be in near future ? All the bad news already gone out, except you have another big earthquake again tomorrow (which is unlikely) or another big european country declare bankrupt, which is very very unlikely - Summary is I go long now !!!

  7. We know what the FOMC will say, especially after the event in Japan :D
  8. thats right, I called for a 10% market collapse and you were on target with your green close call.
  9. nope.
  10. piezoe


    Congratulations are in order. Nice guessing, and close enough.
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