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    So over on TOS there is this great market playback feature called On Demand. It allows you to plug in a date range and "play back" the market so you can test strategies etc. The problem with On Demand is that the service is spotty/slow and they don't always show you the Greeks associated with the options. I really like On Demand but does anyone know of a better version of this type of service?

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    Ninjatrader has their own version of Market play back, called aptly enough "Market replay", in which you can download historical EOD and tick data from whatever dates you wish from their servers, "on-demand". That is one choice.
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    MotiveWave has Replay Mode. It allows you to set the specific day and time that you want to start replaying from, using regular historical bar data or minute bar data or tick data. You can set how fast you want it to 'step forward' or use the real market delay. You can synch Replay Mode to run on several charts at once to see them all step forward together.
    You can even Trade in Replay Mode. When Replay Mode is initiated, a special replay account is created to manage and track the trades that you create. Each replay session is assigned its own replay account so you can run multiple replay sessions at the same time.
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    Indeed. Ninjatrader allows this capability as well.
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    Do you guys have your own historical data or everything has to come from some other source? I assume you don't have level 2.
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    We don't provide data, but we have over 30+ supported brokers and data service providers to choose from. Many of them have level 2.
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    TrendSpider_Dan Sponsor is a really nice web based replay tool and trading simulator.
  8. I really appreciate all of the responses to my question but none of the "market play back" platforms/services mentioned offer historical options data that can be played back and analyzed which is really what I am most interested in.
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    Optionvue backtrader does have historical option data, where in you can place trade and test your strategy.

    There are many youtube video's, if you want see how it works.
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    I use to practice my trading and it has improved my real trading.

    However, I was wondering if anyone here on ET knows of a similar service that shows down to tick or at least seconds level charts? Tradingsim only does 1minute chart. And the playback is not superrealistic in my opinion. I feel like the market moves faster than the actual playback.

    Please kindly advise.
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